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Boat Dock Accessories Options and Recommendations

Warmer weather is coming, and it’s the perfect time to invest in an upgraded waterfront area! A well-built dock and seawall will protect your boat and property and give you more time to enjoy the sunny days on the water. 

At Tampa Dock & Seawall, we recommend certain dock accessories to help you get the most out of your Tampa Bay waterfront property. 

Let’s take a look at the most useful dock accessories to upgrade your dock.


Dock your boat safely and ding-free! Avoid unsightly and damaging dings to the side of your boat with an innovative Slidemoor system installation.

Slidemoor simplifies docking through a maintenance-free system that features two lines on one side only. 

Slidemoor is a patented sliding rail system that is mounted to the pilings of your dock. The “sliding” cleats allow your boat to move freely with waves and tides, preventing it from banging against the dock. 

Your boat will be tied tightly and securely, without slack, inches away from your dock as the boat seamlessly rises and falls with the tide.  

Installing a Slidemoor system gives you peace of mind. Your boat will be held firmly in place, even in rougher weather.

A Slidemoor docking system can even save you in maintenance and boat repair costs!

Slidemoors are popular among Tampa Bay boat owners this season. The Tampa Dock & Seawall team has plenty of experience installing this easy type of boat docking system. 

Slidemoor docking system

Fish Cleaning Station

Adding a fish cleaning station to your dock is a great upgrade for professional fishing enterprises and casual anglers!

This is a MUST dock accessory if you fish off your dock, or just want to keep the fish-guts outside where they belong.

It’s just perfect to be able to bring your catch to a table built specifically as a fish cleaning station. All of your tools are at hand, and it’s easy to hose off after you’re done. 

Tampa Dock & Seawall uses high-quality materials and techniques to install a solid and study fish cleaning table to your dock.

Having a convenient outdoor area to clean your catch saves on time and mess!

fish cleaning tables

Fishing Rod Holders

Do you use your dock for fishing? 

Fishing rod holders are available in high-quality PVC and stainless steel. 

A fishing rod holder keeps our pole upright on a dock, deck, or pier, preventing your gear from falling in the water. And allowing you to drop several lines in the water securely, all at once. 

Installing a holder for your fishing pole will instantly upgrade your dock and help you kick back and enjoy your weekend fishing time.

Our team can install a secure fishing rod holder on your dock or boat house. 

Fishing Rod Storage

Installing a fishing rod storage can save space AND protect your gear.

The best way to store fishing rods is in a rod rack. Leaning rods against a laying them on the wall or on the ground in the garage or basement can cause them to bend or warp.

Safe storage will keep your fishing rods in tip-top shape.

Our clients love having their rods protected and ready within reach when the water calls!

Fishing Rod Holder
fishing rod holder for a dock

Benches and Docks

Sit back and relax!

A bench can add some extra seating to your dock and upgrade the appearance of your waterfront space. 

Some dock benches won’t even take up any square footage on your dock! Our overhanging benches will be attached to the side of the dock, ADDING to your space instead of subtracting. 

Depending on the style and aesthetic of your dock, we can create seating in a variety of colors and materials.

Benches can be made with:

  • Plastic
  • Vinyl
  • Wood
  • Metal
  • Or a mix of these materials

Dock benches can also feature fun add-ons like cup holders or tables!


Ladders are one of the most important dock accessories. 

A dock ladder provides a necessary safety feature for your waterfront space.

Even if you don’t swim in the water, a ladder allows the option for someone to easily get out if they fall in. 

Dock ladders are available in many different colors and materials. At Tampa Dock we can help you choose the right ladder for your dock. 


We often recommend aluminum ladders as they are durable and lightweight enough to be installed or removed during off-seasons. 

Different types of dock ladders:

  • Straight – regular straight ladder
  • Standard Lift – can be lifted and lowered
  • Float Step – adjusts to changing water levels 
  • Wide Step – additional support
  • Finger pier – for narrow walkways

Did you know that you may need a different size ladder depending on whether you have a Floating Dock or a Stationary Dock?

Our team can also provide custom options for dock ladders to match the look of your dock area.

Dock Bumpers

A dock bumper is another important accessory to keep your boat safe and protected.

A bumper is a resilient device that we attach to your dock. The bumper is an attachment that will absorb the shock and impact of something hitting into the dock sides or corners.

Dock Bumper Material options:

  • PVC – Great for areas with ice and intense weather
  • Vinyl – Excellent option for severe climate and low wear over time
  • Foam – Low cost but not effectively long-lasting
  • Rubber – Inexpensive option good for high impact 

Whether a boat comes into dock too quickly or severe weather causes jostling, the bumper will save your dock sides from cracks and splintering.

Boat Dock Bumpers

The bumper will protect both your boat AND your dock!


Final Thoughts on the Best Dock Accessories for Tampa Bay

Adding accessories to your dock can significantly increase the quality of your boating experience. For both casual fishers and commercial enterprises, adding these convenient dock accessories will up your angler game. 

At Tampa Dock & Seawall, we can design or install a variety of accessories to improve your dock. A fish cleaning station, added benches, and ladders can add that something you didn’t even know was missing!

Bumpers and a patented Slidemoor system can help protect your boat while a sturdy fishing rod rack will keep your gear safe and sound.

We offer custom dock, seawall, and boatlift projects. Call Tampa Dock today for a consultation or quote on dock installation, seawall repairs, and much more.

For more dock accessory options, check out our recent blog post on the most popular dock safety accessories.

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