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saBoardwalk building in the Tampa Bay area comes with great opportunities as well as challenges. Whether a commercial boardwalk design or residential there are environmental concerns, permitting challenges and frequently, difficult terrain as well. You’ll need an experienced boardwalk design build company to complete your project – and  no one is more experienced than Tampa Dock & Seawall.


Commercial Boardwalk Design | Tampa Area

Recently Tampa Dock completed a large boardwalk project for a local apartment complex, Camden Preserve. 

In a competitive rental housing market Management was interested in setting it’s property apart with access to Tampa Bay and providing it’s residents a kayak dock. 

The first challenge for Tampa Dock and Seawall was to design the commercial boardwalk

Through 265 feet of forest between the complex and the water. Much of which was filled with protected Mangroves.

One of the main reasons commercial properties and residential alike contract to have a boardwalk built is specifically to solve this kind of access problem. To turn unusable real estate into recreational space. 

 So with every boardwalk design, we take what matters most into account:

#1 We develop a vision based upon your wants and needs. In the case of Camden Preserve aparemments for example, they needed us to develop an attractive, functional boardwalk AND dock design that will truly enhance residents weekend experience. 

#2 We pay close attention to PERMITTING and environmental regulations. As we’ve been doing this for over a decade now, we also know the ins and outs of navigating the rules and regulations that otherwise would frustrate and delay your project. 

#3 We’re ready to implement difficult builds. The combination of being a dock, deck AND boardwalk builder is invaluable in a situation like we’ve described for the South Tampa apartment complex. 

Boardwalk Construction

It often seems as though delays and cost overruns are an inevitable component of construction projects, Especially those that require an additional level of expertise. Even if you have the perfect plan, the additional costs and days in working in the wetlands can turn what should be a dream into a drawn-out nightmare.

Tampa Dock & Seawall is not like those guys.

Firstly, as you can see from the images – we’ve done all this before. We believe that we have the best crews around with the right amount of experience and dedication to do the job correctly, the first time. We’re used to working building docks in the fresh and salt waters around St. Petersburg and Tampa, so a little mud and mangroves wont slow us down.

Secondly, we have the proper equipment and crews to do the job well. We even recently upgraded our equipment and employee training to handle larger and more complex boardwalk construction jobs. 

Our quality of work is second to none. We build our decks and boardwalks to handle the Florida weather while providing you with a premium look. The materials used in your project are among the best  We can do built-in seating, additional safety features, planters, social areas and more.


Going Beyond: Boardwalk Design & Build

At the end of the day, your project is more than just a project to you. The right combination of function and form that transforms your property can make a huge impact on its value. And the value it has to you and your residents or customers.

Knowing how to incorporate the right features for the environment your boardwalk will be in is crucial to providing those little details that make your deck time even more pleasurable.

Let the local Tampa and St. Petersburg guys design and build the perfect boardwalk for your property. Even combine it with one of our docks or integrate it with a good seawall to truly make your property the place to be.

Allow Tampa Dock & Seawall to go to work for you knowing that your dream boardwalk will be here soon. 

So click here and let’s design and build something that is your little piece of paradise!

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