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Our customers love working with Tampa Dock and Seawall on boat dock replacement because of 3 things:

#1: We’re excellent at improving a design they thought was already great – many home owners that have been living with a deteriorating dock just can’t imagine it any other way. But with new materials, perspective and a current designs in our pocket we have frequently surprised them with what can be done when replacing a dock. [We did one recently where we added a convenient spot to store their sons paddle board and personal watercraft]

#2: The Better Business Bureau has given us an A+ Rating and accreditation. You know what that means? It means we are professionals. We understand marine construction, are licensed and insured and pay attention to the details that will make your dock replacement go smoothly.

#3: There’s a System in place. Have you ever engaged a contractor or home improvement “guy” that talked a good game, but you never really knew what was going on? At Tampa Dock we keep you in the loop from the first time we meet, through the permitting and planning and until you’ve signed off on your new replacement dock.

We hired Tampa Dock & Seawall to overhaul our existing lift and to build and install a platform lift in our second boat slip. The team did a great job. They communicated well before, during, and after the job was finished to make sure that everything was working correctly and that we were satisfied with the work. We appreciate the attention to detail and professionalism.s.

Brian M.

South Tampa

Why do a Dock Replacement?

The first reason is safety. We talk a lot about what a difference a replacement dock can make in other areas next, but a failing dock is a safety hazard for you and your family. Period.

By the time you notice your dock is deteriorating – and you’ll only notice that in the most obvious ways –it’s probably a lot worse than you can easily see. All you need is a friend, guest or family member to get hurt because the boards are rotten, the dock is listing to one side or the boat lift fails at the wrong moment.

And let’s face it – no one ever calls us the minute they think something is wrong! So if you’re reading this because you think you might need to replace the dock – you DO.

Beautiful Dock = Property Value Rise

If you live on the water, you paid for it. Your home is valued at a significantly higher price than one just like it not on the water.

The right boat dock is worth $10s of thousands of dollars in equity and contributes to a speedy sale. Did you fall in love with your house because of the waterside lifestyle it promised? Of course you did!

Unfortunately some people wait to call us about a replacement dock until a) they’re getting ready to sell and realize that not everyone appreciated the wear and tear on your dock or b) a home inspector or potential buyer REQUIRE a replacement dock to close the deal.

Why not replace that old dock with something new, functional and beautiful now so you can enjoy it?

And that brings us to what we think is the BEST reason to replace your dock – because you WANT to.

Upgrade your Dock, Upgrade your Lifestyle

Here are just a few ways you can upgrade your weekends on the water and in the back yard with a replacement dock:

Add a Boat House – one of the most popular upgrades to a dock project is by adding a covered boat lift. That’s usually referred to as a “boat house”. A boat house is a great addition because it not only further protects your investment in watercraft but it keeps it clean and looking amazing.

You want a boat house for the same reason you want a garage to keep your car in. It helps it stay clean and secure. (And it keeps the seats from melting the clothes on your back when you get in).

Space for your PWC – 15 years ago if you had a nice boat, that’s what you used to travel on the water and enjoy your weekends. These days it seems like everyone has the main boat, then at least one or 2 types of personal watercraft. JetSki’s, canoes, paddle boards – and all of these things deserve a spot on your weekend platform – your dock!

Room for the Party – it doesn’t have to be a BIG party, but many of the replacement docks we’ve done in the past year have included plenty of seating, attractive railing and other features designed to make the dock be more like a deck.

Backyard Design – The indoor/outdoor lifestyle has always been present here in the St. Petersburg and Tampa area. But more and more we’re designing an integrated backyard that makes your pool and deck move seamlessly into your dock. All one big entertainment space!

Tampa DOCK and Seawall

There are examples of our work all through the website and on Facebook if you’d care to look. But the best thing  you can do to get started on your replacement dock is getting started with us!

Just call or contact us here.