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Boathouse Accessories and Dock Additions

Boathouse accessories can make all the difference in how much you enjoy your weekends!

Whether you’re already a dock owner or are in the process of designing your waterfront space, you should be considering your options for dock accessories. Boat owners can get the most out of their dock and watercraft by adding a few key dock add-ons! 

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The best docks and boathouses have all the best accessories! We’ve rounded up some must-have dock additions you get the most out of your dock and boathouse. 

Why Invest in Extra Fittings for your Dock and Boathouse 

Accessories for your dock, such as security systems, ladders, and lifts, can be functional and make your dock safer and more efficient. Better functionality and increased safety add value to your dock and property. 

Extra dock and boathouse attachments like canopies, lights, and storage for fishing equipment can also simplify your leisure activities. Add some fun to your dock.

Aluminum Canopy for Boat

The Best Additions for Docks and Boathouses

In this article, we will look at some of the best dock and boat storage space accessories that every watercraft owner should consider. 

  • Lights
  • Security Systems and Camera
  • Storage for Toys and Equipment
  • Boat Lifts
  • Bumpers
  • Ladders
  • Cable Railings
  • Cleaning Equipment and Hoses
  • Canopies and Dock Coverings

These additions will add security, safety, and some fun times for both residential and commercial docks.

Best Dock Accessories


Adding lights to your dock is a great way to increase both safety and aesthetic quality. Dock lights will help illuminate the path to your boat storage, dock, or boat lift after dark.

For evening boaters, dock lights are an essential dock addition to avoid dangers while docking.

Security System

Whether or not you’re worried about theft, installing security cameras near your dock can give you peace of mind. Cameras or a simple security system (such as a light or alarm) provide protection for your valuable watercraft, accessories, fishing equipment, and dock.

If you DON’T catch any thieves on camera, you just MIGHT capture some fun-loving sea creatures doing their thing!


Tired of keeping fishing equipment, oars, coolers, and life jackets in the house – dragging water in every time you use them?

Adding covered storage to your boathouse or dock is an easy way to make your waterfront dock more efficient.

The knowledgeable team at Tampa Dock & Seawall can suggest the best options for dock storage. You can even add a safety lock to keep your equipment secure.

Fishing Rod Holder
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Boat Lift

Boat lifts serve multiple purposes for dock and watercraft owners. Installing a boat lift will ensure that your boat is safe from robbers during the night! 

A boat lift will also protect your boat from damage during storms and rough weather. 

Investing in boat lift installation is a great way to protect your watercraft while maintaining its value and adding easy access to your boat.


Bumpers are a useful rubber device installed on docks and decks to add protection during rough weather. Storms, wind, and waves can cause damage to docked watercrafts. Bumpers can prevent damage, adding a buffer between dock poles and your boat. 


Many dock and deck owners see a ladder as a necessary accessory. Aluminum ladders are a great add-on accessory as they provide increase safety and allow boaters and swimmers to enter the dock with ease. 

Aluminum is an affordable marine-grade material making it great for dock ladders. 

Piling Caps

Piling caps are another great dock accessory that serves two purposes! Piling caps are added to the top of posts to create a more aesthetically pleasing look. 

Caps can also help protect your dock material from weather and wear over time.

Cable Railings

Wood or plastic railings on your dock may decay and break over time. For long-lasting safety and design, consider adding stainless steel railings to your dock. 

Stainless steel cable railings help you avoid corrosion and rust. The cable railing will withstand the test of time and heavy weather and storms!

Cleaning Equipment 

Adding cleaning equipment to your dock is something you never realized you needed! With hoses and running water close by, you can keep your deck and dock clean, rinsing it after every pass of fishy boots and muddy feet.

A nearby hose can also come in handy in the event of a fire, making the dock safer during potential accidents.

Eco Piles Boat Lift

Canopies & Coverings

No boathouse? Some watercraft owners prefer the covering of a canopy to protect their boat! 

Installing a roof, canopy, or covering to your dock can protect your boat from damage AND offer shade to leisurely loungers on hot sunny days!

Canopies over your boat will also keep any eroding bird droppings away from your watercraft.

There are several different options for dock canopies and dock coverings to choose from. Speak to our team at Tampa Dock & Seawall to explore canopy installation options.

Final Thoughts on the Best Dock and Boathouse Accessories

Adding extra tools and fittings to your boathouse and dock can be an excellent investment.

With so many different accessory options to choose from, it helps to work with a professional dock expert. 

Cable railings, canopies, bumpers, and boatlifts all add to the overall improvement of the waterfront dock or boathouse.

Get the most out of your waterfront dock!

For more information on incorporating these must-have accessories into your dock or boathouse, contact the expert team at Tampa Dock & Seawall for a consultation and estimate.