Tampa Dock and Seawall

Custom Docks for Your Home or Waterfront Business add VALUE

Building a new dock or deck for your residential property or business can seem like a daunting task. With the right team, however, it will feel like a breeze! 

A new or upgraded custom dock that works with your chosen aesthetics will be a long-term investment, adding value and lifestyle quality to your residential property.

Just think about those sunny days enjoying the wonderful outdoors! With beautiful and permanent construction, you can help increase the revenue of commercial space. 

Are you ready to discover the many ways that a bespoke dock will increase the value of your space?

Long-Term Investment in a Custom Dock

The use of quality, marine-grade materials is essential. A dock with quality building materials will add REAL value to your property. 

  • Stable structure – With a long-lasting, durable design, don’t worry about restructuring or rebuilding after a few years! 
  • Low Maintenance cost – With an expert design and high-quality certified materials, you can leave yearly maintenance costs out of the budget. 
  • Ditch the stress – Stop worrying about flooding, repairs, and safety. Investing in a quality dock will give you the peace of mind you need to enjoy your waterfront property. 
  • Happy neighbors – The folks in your condo association or HOA community will love you! 

Who doesn’t want to help add value to the neighborhood and community?! 

A custom, quality dock design is about so much more than practicality – it’s your lifestyle, your finances, and your future!

Dock with boathouse on a lake

Customized Aesthetics

Depending on your space’s current look, our dock designs at Tampa Dock & Seawall are customizable to match the existing aesthetic.

Matching styles, colors or even re-doing seawalls, walkways, or boardwalks can be a great way to add value to your property.

 Take a look  at these pictures of beautiful custom docks!

Here are a few different looks and options for your custom dock: 

  • Platform decks and docks with an “L” shape are great for residential properties! 
  • Permanent wooden docks are classic and attractive! 
  • A Deck and Dock combo with water access and seating area – WOW – the ultimate waterfront 
  • Match the design of your commercial property – impress clients with a well-thought-out design and build.  

Your deck, dock, boardwalk, and walkway design should be 100% unique to YOU!

There are millions of different design options, and the expert team at Tamp Dock & Seawall is here to help your vision come to life!

Improve your Lifestyle & Increase Business Revenue

 Make the most out of your waterfront property.

 There’s nothing worse than heading out for a day on the water only to hear that nagging voice in your head: ‘Your dock needs repairs!’… Let go of that stress and worry!

 With a new dock design, you can enjoy those warm, sunny days by sitting on your beautiful and safe dock or deck.

 Own a commercial dock or marina space? Investing in your port’s quality, looks, and safety will help increase your customers and revenue.

Talk about an unsinkable investment!