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Davits & boat lifts

There is no doubt that using a boat lift or high quality davit is the right way to protect your assets.

That’s both asset #1: Your boat and asset #2: Your weekends

Because algae, corrosion and barnacles are all realities of boats stored in the waterways of the Tampa Bay Area. All 3 of those increase the need for maintenance to your boat – and that means you spend your weekends working on your boat instead of weekends on your boat!

The right boat lift or davit reduces maintenance of course, but it also increases the safety of your boat during storms and tidal events, as well as making use of your boat or water toys convenient.

Choosing a Davit or Boat Lift

Here are just a few of the things that Tampa Dock’s certified marine contractor and designers look at when working with you to choose the right lift.

  • First is the boat or other vessel you intend to store.  The beam, length, weight and height will all lead to what kind of boat lift or davit that is required. If you’re thinking ski boat vs cruiser vs a personal watercraft or more than one for example, that will determine your options.
  • The location. Especially on the Intracoastal Waterway in the Tampa Bay area and with more frequent king tides, your vessel has to be clear during extreme low points as well as high.   Your specific scenario of seawall length combined with canal width, open water vs canal and water depth are all considerations during the design phase we walk through with you.
  • Rules and regulations. Every city has different rules and neighborhoods often different requirements. Many of those restrict your choices and what Tampa Dock can install. But don’t worry, we’ve been designing and building in the Tampa area for a decade and have helped many homeowners like you marry the regulations with your waterfront desires.


Boat Houses

A well designed boat house is the ideal storage solution for your boat for both comfort and maintenance. 

As you look through the gallery images at the bottom of this page, notice the boat-lifts that are mounted under cover of a roof. That’s a boat house!

The reasons you might choose a boatlift are the same ones you probably have a garage for your car. It keeps your car safe and clean.

Imagine walking out on your dock on Saturday morning and not having to remove a boat cover, clean off seats from dust, dirt and bird droppings, because just like your car – it’s been undercover all week.

A boat house will also help ensure that your upholstery lasts a long, long time. 


These guys rock! They installed my dock as quoted and the dock is wonderful. I would recommend them to anyone and will use them again in the future. If you need any work done – new dock or repairs these are the guys to call. First Class operation for sure and very professional.s.

Mike M.

New Dock and Lift

Design Integration

If you’re considering replacing or upgrading a boat lift because of a new purchase (Congratulations!), or because your old one is failing, it’s a great time to investigate more than just a limited fix to your existing dock and or seawall.

The original design of your dock and boat lift was probably created with someone else’s backyard and weekend dreams in mind. And that’s whether or not it was YOU that had it done 10 years ago!

You’ve changed, your boat has changed, and your family and how you spend your weekends on the water has changed too.  Shouldn’t your dock and boat-space change to match?

Contact Tampa Dock & Seawall about your next project and get a free design consultation today!

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