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Deck Design & Build

Designing and building the right deck elevates a property to the next level. And no one is more experienced in marine decks than Tampa Dock & Seawall.


Tampa Bay Deck Design

Take the worry out of the equation and work with the deck building experts. Beginning with knowing the rules and regulations of places like Tampa, St. Petersburg and Clearwater along with all of the towns, counties and municipalities scattered in between, we craft a unique transition from land to water that will both pass inspection and make you want to spend more time outside.

With every deck design, we take what matters most into account:

#1 We develop a vision based upon your wants and needs. We can work with any lay of the land to develop an attractive, functional deck design that will truly enhance your weekend getaway experience. We know the tips and tricks of the trade.

#2 As we’ve been doing this for over a decade now, we also know the ins and outs of navigating the rules and regulations that otherwise would frustrate and delay your dream. Let us worry about the red tape while you get ready for relaxation! We are licensed both as a General Contractor and Marine Contractor.

We take the deck of your dreams and turn it into reality with our custom deck design process.

Residential Deck Construction

It often seems as though delays and cost overruns are an inevitable component of construction projects, especially those that require an additional level of expertise. Even if you have the perfect deck plan, the additional costs and days in between the crew showing up can turn what should be a dream into a drawn-out nightmare.

Tampa Dock & Seawall is not like those guys.

Firstly, our crews are prompt, efficient and even clean up after themselves. We believe that we have the best crews around with the right amount of experience and dedication to do the job correctly, the first time. You’re not going to need to line up a cleaning crew or lose time enjoying your new deck because you’ve got to pick up trash.

Secondly, we have the proper equipment to do the job well. We even recently added our own barge and other new equipment.

Our quality of work is second to none. We build our decks to handle the Florida weather while providing you with a premium look. The materials used in your deck are among the best and we frame your deck to all of the right specifications. We can do built-in seating, additional safety features, planters and more.


Going Beyond: Deck Design & Build

At the end of the day, your project is more than just a project to you. The right combination of function and form transform that “in between” space from your outdoor pool or backyard to the perfect lead-in to life on the water. Knowing how to incorporate the right features for the environment is crucial to providing those little details that make your deck time even more pleasurable.

Let the local Tampa guys design and build the perfect deck for your property. Even combine it with one of our docks or integrate it with a good seawall to truly make your property the place to be.

Allow Tampa Dock & Seawall to go to work for you knowing that your dream deck will be here soon. There is no better time than today to get started on the transformation to a better life on and off the water with one of our custom decks.

So click here and let’s design and build a deck that is your little piece of paradise!

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