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How to Choose a Dock Builder or Seawall Repair Company in Florida

Careful selection is vital to the success of your project!


Whether you’re building a dock for your home, personal boat, or constructing an entire arena, there are a few things you need to look out for when hiring dock builders in Florida. 

Even seasoned boat owners usually aren’t aware of the knowledge, experience, and specialized skills required in dock construction. From materials to certifications, you want an expert running the show. 

Here we look at some of the crucial aspects to consider when hiring a dock builder.

#1: Experience Counts!

There’s more to dock building than blueprints and power tools. Working with experienced experts will mean not having to worry about those tricky details! 

For example, an experienced dock builder will know to examine details such as:

  • How much space there is to work with
  • Whether you have any secondary watercrafts such as SUP, Waverunners, kayaks, or canoes
  • The condition of your seawall
  • Water depth and lawn condition

Tip: You may also want to have builders examine your lawn or property and offer suggestions for walkway design that will tie into the look of your dock or deck.

 With expert dock builders, the team will know how to design not only your dock but the surrounding areas, including the seawall, decks, paths or walkways, and the lawn or backyard. .

St. Petersburg Dock Build

#2: Customization


Nobody wants a cookie-cutter dock design! Your dock should be as unique as the person using it. A custom dock design can work with the aesthetic of your existing infrastructure to complement your tastes. 

Your dock should be a realization of your VISION, purpose, and lifestyle. 

Look for dock builders who offer:

  • Unique and custom design
  • A variety of options for colors and materials
  • Knowledge of aesthetic design


Custom dock design isn’t only about aesthetics. Your dock should function for the unique purpose of your boat, business, or lifestyle. It’s useful to work with a builder who understands how to adapt and shift designs to meet those specific requirements. .

Unique boat house installation in St Pete Beach

#3: Regulations and Certifications

AKA: the paperwork! This is an important one and a main reason that dock building should be left to the professionals. If you decide to DIY your residential or commercial dock design – Don’t!  

Expert dock builders will have the information required for navigating legal issues, permits, and certifications. There’s nothing worse than getting halfway through your build, only to be held up by HOA regulations.  

Professionals like the team at Tampa Dock will know to look into:

  • City and State building regulations
  • HOA Rules
  • Construction or building permits
  • Contractor certifications


Hiring an inexperienced company runs the risk of getting a crew without the proper certifications to work on docks, decks, and seawalls.  

Ask about your dock builder company’s licenses such as:

  • General Contractor License
  • Marine Contractor License

#4: Local Knowledge

You know your neighborhood – and your dock builders should too! More than that, your contractor should CARE about the curbside apparel as if it were their own backyard. 

Especially in Tampa and surrounding areas, you want to work with a dock building contracting company that knows its way around the waterways. 

Local builders understand the unique requirements of the area and the contingencies of marine life, climate and seasons, and neighborhood aesthetics. 

Whether you’re on the Intracoastal, on the river, or in a more residential area, your contractor should know the local landscape as well as you do. Tampa Dock and Seawall has crew members local to Tampa, St. Petersburg, Clearwater, and other nearby communities. 

Working with a reputable local dock builder, your property or design project will be in reliable hands. 

Interesting Dock Design

#5: Reputation

When it comes down to it, you want your dock done right, and you want it done FAST. Dock builders with a trustworthy and reliable reputation don’t waste time with permit delays or days off.   

The Tampa Dock team has the equipment and crew to get your dock built within a reasonable and desirable timeline.  

Whatever your design or construction needs may be, a reputable company knows that you don’t have time for ill-prepared, inexperienced contractors. 


You’ve done your research and are now ready to begin your dock building process! Before diving into construction, be sure to consult with your local experts. The team at Tampa Dock and Seawall will be happy to meet for a consultation before beginning any work. 


You should feel comfortable to ask any questions you may have regarding the design, purpose, materials, or timelines for your dock building project. When you feel secure with your dock builders, you can relax and look forward to creating the dock you (and your boats) deserve!



Building your dock can be a substantial investment – both financially as well as for your business or lifestyle. The design and durability will contribute to the value of your property and the longevity of your assets. 


When hiring dock builders, look for local experts with experience and a good reputation. Prioritize builders like Tampa Dock who specialize in customization and are well-versed in the local requirements and certifications required for building a dock.


Your dock is more than a regular construction project. Don’t waste time with inexperienced and novice builders. 


Contact Tampa Dock and Seawall to schedule a design call or dock building consultation today.