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Installing a Boatlift – DIY?

Whether you are looking for a boat lift upgrade or a brand new installation project, there are many things to consider before jumping in. 

While there are endless benefits to a properly planned and constructed boat lift – it’s not always a simple process. 

Take away the stress of boat lift installation in Tampa Bay by choosing an experienced and certified professional construction team.

That way, you can enjoy your waterfront property and protect your assets!

Boat lift with speed boat

Benefits of Docking your Boat on a Boatlift

A well-constructed boat lift and a high-quality davit are the best way to protect the investment of your assets. 

We understand – your boat is your pride and joy! Here are a few reasons to invest in a boat lift: 

  • Safety
  • Harsh Weather
  • Corrosion
  • Convenience

 Why risk damage to your property? Especially in areas like Tampa, St. Pete Beach and Largo that experience harsh weather.

Boatlifts help protect against algae and corrosion by keeping your boat safely stored above the waterline.

So when storms DO hit, you have less worry about your assets ending up in your pool or your backyard.

Installing a boatlift – PROPERLY installed boatlifts and davits will increase the safety of your boat and property.

Enjoy your weekends on the water! A boat lift and davit will let you easily enjoy using your boat or water toys. 

small boat lift

Planning and Design of Boat dock and Boatlift

The certified marine contractor team at Tampa Dock and Seawall know the ropes!

We will guide you through the process of planning, designing, and installing your boat lift, dock, deck, or boathouse. 

Tips for Planning your boat lift and dock

What’s the point of a temporary fix?

During the planning stages of your boatlift installation, think in terms of LONG TERM.

Your new boatlift is an investment not only in your weekend fun but in the value of your property and assets.

Plan for the future to enjoy the present! 

Trust the Tampa Dock and Seawall team to accuratly measure and assess your boat or vessel’s needs.

It’s essential to consider beams, length, weight, and height to suggest the right lift and davit for your boat, waterfront dock, or boathouse.

The Tampa Dock and Seawall team know the height requirements for individual locations on the Intracoastal Waterway.

We will ensure your boatlift meets all necessary requirements regarding the canal width, depth, and weather scenarios!

 Design Options for Installing a Boatlift

Your boatlift or boathouse should be SAFE, FUNCTIONAL, and BEAUTIFUL!

 Your boat lift construction project’s design process will be 100% tailored and unique to you and your boat or water toys.

There are different options for materials and styles of lift. Like craddle lifts, elevator lifts skiff lifts and more. 

And you can install them using wood piles or synthetic.

Your boat lift can even include an optional roof covering to help protect your watercraft from wind, rain, and your boat’s biggest enemy: birds! 

Installing a Lift is not DIY

Tampa Dock and Seawall will guide you through either your upgrade or new boat lift installation.

With our team of certified contractors, you won’t have to worry about a thing! 

In Tampa and surrounding areas, marine contractors have to be aware of many rules and regulations. Every neighbourhood has different requirements!

Working with an experienced team will take away that paperwork and let you enjoy your waterfront property the way it’s meant to be enjoyed – stress-free!

Do I need a Boathouse?

A well-designed and constructed boathouse is definitely a PLUS for any property. 

Protecting the value of your ski boat, cruiser, or personal watercraft will mean enjoying your time on the water longer without worry of maintenance and repairs.

Protect your boat, water toys, or watercraft against:

  • Rain and Harsh Weather Condition
  • Dust
  • Algae and corrosion
  • Bird Droppings
  • Theft and damage

Even a semi-enclosed area for seasonal storage will lengthen the lifespan of your assets. 

You wouldn’t leave your car parked in the street during a storm – you would safely park it in your garage. The same goes for your boat!

 A boathouse protects your watercraft from the elements and gives you more time to enjoy those sunny days on the water.

Boat house on a river

Maintenance and Repairs of Boatlifts

Just like your dock and seawall, proper maintenance of your boat lift is essential.

Regular maintenance and repair will maintain the value of your waterfront property. 

Seasonal weather change and regular daily use will cause wear to your boat lift motor.

Note for our Northern friends – If your region experiences a colder season or freezing temperatures, it is best to remove and store the motor and drive for this period. 


Check out Tampa Dock and Seawall’s gallery of beautiful custom docks and boatlifts. For more info on davits, boathouse, or boatlift maintenance, repairs, and construction, contact our team of experts at Tampa Dock and Seawall.