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Luxury Dock Improvements that Make Sense

Luxuery Dock accessories can add value and help you enjoy your doci – whether you’re building new or repairing.

With the best months for boating upon us, it’s time to start thinking about deck or dock maintenance, upgrades, and improvements.

While indoor projects can be tackled any time, Spring and Summer are the perfect time to address improvements to outdoor and waterfront areas!

From minor improvements like adding railings, storage, and lights to more significant upgrades like lifts and boathouses, it’s time to create the ideal waterfront space.

Here are some enhancements and improvements to consider before the warmer months arrive.

Don’t let boating season pass you by! Contact our team at Tampa Dock & Seawall to discover options for luxury dock improvements that make sense for your lifestyle and deck needs.

Cable Railing – Modern Luxury Dock Look

Your dock’s railing is one of the first elements visible for approaching visitors. So, it should look good! 

Cable railings offer a clean, simple line look to your deck or dock design. Upgrading from wooden railings to cable railings is fast and easy – and not as expensive as you think! Contact Tampa Dock & Seawall for a cable railing installation estimate today.

 Are cable railings worth it?

 Cable railings have a higher initial cost than traditional railings but offer a few benefits that balance the investment:

  • Longer lifespan of the material
  • Lower Maintenance
  • Higher quality aesthetic appearance

With cable railings, there’s no need to worry about sanding, staining, or refinishing wooden posts and barriers. Cable railings are the modern look of choice for upscale docks in the Tampa Bay area.

Boat lift with Canopy

Canopy or Sunshade

Fun in the sun is great until you need shade with nowhere to go! Adding a dock canopy or sunshade is a great way to upgrade a waterfront space. 

Benefits of high-quality canopies and sunshades

  • Weather and storm resistant
  • Protect boat from climate, sun, and animals
  • Protect skin from harsh UV rails while out on the dock

 Will a canopy fly away in severe weather? Hurricane Canopies installed by Tampa Dock and Seawall are secured with aluminum welding and are built to withstand 110MP winds. 

For more casual coverage, canopies and sunshades can offer protection from the sun at a lower cost for materials and installation.

Boat House

A Boat house with a boat lift is a luxury dock addition to waterfront docks that are almost a necessity these days! 

Boat house designs can be customized to match existing dock, deck, and property aesthetics.

For example, add a matching barrel tile roof to the boat house to match perfectly with homes and properties in the neighborhood.

The easiest luxury dock accessory you can SEE!

 Part of a luxury boathouse installation often includes a seperate facility for PWCs (personal watercrafts) such as SeaDos and Paddleboards.

 The cost of a new boathouse or upgrade will vary depending on the size, location, specific needs, and quality of materials.

The value of a boathouse is lower maintenance and repair costs on your dock and boat!

luxury dock accessories

Boatlift Remote

If you think a boatlift adds convenience to your waterfront lifestyle – wait until you add a boat lift remote! 

Wireless boatlift controls make lifting and lowering your boat or PWCs fast and easy. Spend more time enjoying the day on the water and sunshine and less time worrying about manual boat lift controls. 

High-quality watercraft lift controls installed by Tampa Dock & Seawall offer:

  • Simplicity
  • Convenience
  • Low Maintenance
  • Easy Installation
  • Warranty

 Upgrading to a wireless remote control for your boatlift brings your dock into a new level of advanced technology.

Replace traditional manually controlled switches to decrease injury and accident risk from lowering, lifting, or loading.

Premium Dock Storage Box

An easy and fast way to upgrade your dock is to create more accessible storage for unsightly yet neces

Create a clean-looking waterfront space by storing objects such as life preservers, oars, life jackets, and water toys in a premium dock storage box.

 Storage boxes can also be used to keep dishing gear safe and dry!

 Storage boxes can be built and designed to match the deck material or style of nearby properties, helping them fit easily into the look of the area.

 Storage Boxes Can Hold:

  • Life preservers
  • Fishing Gear
  • Boating accessories
  • First Aid Kits
  • Dock cleaning supplies
  • Exra lighting
  • And more!


Check out our recent blog to discover more fun add-ones and deck accessories such as benches, ladders, rod holders, and fish cleaning stations!

Fishing Rod Holder
fishing rod holder for a dock

Dock Lights

Lights are an easy way to instantly transform your dock. 

Installing new or upgrading existing dock lights will improve the look of your space AND make your dock safer at night. 

Types of Dock Lights:

  • LED Lights
  • Solar Power Lights
  • Flood Lights (safety feature for areas that are not well-lit at night)

 There are pros and cons to different types of dock light options. LED lights on docks are a good all-around choice as the bulbs last longer than traditional incandescent bulbs and rquire less maintenance. 

LED lights can offer up to 303 lumens per watt, while regular bulbs are only 16-22 lumens.

 Solar powered lights are an economical choice since they save on the electricity bill. A downside to solar powered dock lights is that you can’t always count on the sun!

Cloudy days will mean your lights may not be as bright as you need them to be. 

To determine which type of dock lighting works best or to get an estimate on installation, call Tampa Dock & Seawall.

Final Thoughts on Luxury Dock Improvements

Are you reading to take on new projects and upgrades for your dock? Investing in your waterfront space improves both your every-weekend lifestyle and the value of your assets. 

Whether you’re looking at boatlift remotes, canopies, boat lift installation, lighting, storage, or railings, be sure to invest in quality material and knowledgeable service.

Any of these practical dock improvements will give a fresh and fun feel to your waterfront dock. 

For boathouse installation information, cable railings, and premium dock storage quotes, reach out to Tampa Dock & Sewall’s expert team.

 Contact the experienced and qualified team at Tampa Dock & Sewall for all your dock upgrades this year. 

Improve your Lifestyle & Increase Business Revenue

 Make the most out of your waterfront property.

 There’s nothing worse than heading out for a day on the water only to hear that nagging voice in your head: ‘Your dock needs repairs!’… Let go of that stress and worry!

 With a new dock design, you can enjoy those warm, sunny days by sitting on your beautiful and safe dock or deck.

 Own a commercial dock or marina space? Investing in your port’s quality, looks, and safety will help increase your customers and revenue.

Talk about an unsinkable investment!