Tampa Dock and Seawall

South Tampa Hurricane Canopy and Deck

Boat lift with Canopy

Hurricane Canopy

This South Tampa boat owner wanted security along with their new boat lift from Davit Master.

So we added an aluminum welded canopy that’s rated to withstand 110MP winds. 


Those gray pilings with the white caps are EcoPiles. 

Eco Piles are a fiberglass polymer composite pile that are impervious to worm borers and are green in that they use recycled plastics and do not leach harmful chemicals into our beautiful waterways.

Not to mention, they’ll look brand new for ALMOST forever with no maintenace.


Aluminum Canopy for Boat
Dock and Aluminum boat house

Lastly, Davit Master lifts are locally made and are a superior lift. You wont find better quality, and it was perfect for this application. 

And that decking isn’t run of the mill either – it’s Wear Deck Wear Deck fiberglass polymer decking – so you have a dock that will last a lifetime.