Tampa Dock and Seawall

Cortland Apartments Dock in Clearwater

The Ideal Dock, Deck and Boardwalk Build

Cortland Apartments dock build in Clearwater, FL. full

Clearwater, FL is no stranger to amazing views, the this custom dock build for Cortland Bayside Apartments might be the best one.

As you can see, it’s built more for observation (the views)  and relaxation than as a boat dock, but it still offers a staircase into the water. Very swimming, kayaking and paddle-boarding friendly.

One common denominator on all of the commercial or multifamily residental docks we’ve done is in the motivation to build.

Giving residents easy, attractive access to the water is a key differentiator in the rental and condo market in Clearwater, Clearwater Beach, Tampa, St. Pete and surrounding areas.

And with so many great choices to choose from, that staircase right into the water might just be what tips a looker into a new resident or keeps a current one in place for longer.

This view also shows off 2 features we used on this project:
 1: Weardeck  composite decking – it’s no maintenance decking that doesn’t require staining, sanding or replacing due to rot or decay.

2: Cable Railings – we love to use these because they are very save, durable AND look amazing

Staircase for a dock
boardwalk construction


This image shows you what was keeping the Cortland residents from the water – and how we solved that problem with a properly designed Boardwalk through the trees and over current shoreline.

 We’ve done several of these applications for multifamily apartment complexes and residential neighborhoods. Boardwalks are IDEAL for granting access to little used or difficult to get to parts of a property.

It’s a win for the community and ownership.


boardwalk in clearwater