Tampa Dock and Seawall

Seawall Failure Before and After

Seawall Failure

Seawall Failure! 

We don’t get to see this kind of catastrophic collapse often, but this is what can happen to poorly installed, or maintained, seawalls.


There were a few warning signs that pointed to problems. If you see any of these you might have the chance to avoid this kind of seawall fail:

– Low spots in your yard, especially near the seawall, might indicate the earth being eroded because of water intrusion through the seawall

– Leaning. If you’re seawall seems like it’s leaning towards the water it probably IS!

– Exposed tie-backs. Your seawall is actually anchored into your property. If you see rods/cables poking up through your lawn you DO have a problem


Pinellas County Seawall Repair
Perfect Seawall Cap

This is what a seawall cap should look like. And it’s an actual picture of what the replacement seawall looks like too!

You should walk your seawall occasionally and notice any cracks that are forming. It might not always look THIS good, but it should be crack free. 

This is what a completed vinyl seawall should look like. 

Beautiful, blemish free cement cap. And interlocking vinyl seawall panels that won’t corrode and prevent water intrusion.

Having seawall issues and want to get something of this quality installed? Call us today!

Vinyl Seawall Replacement