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Big project for a condo complex in Seminole reclaiming their propery line with a 900′ vinyl seawall and concrete cap.

This will serve a few different purposes, including stopping erosion of their realestate into the canal AND making that back area more useable for the owners.


The vinyl panels are superior to a completely concrete seawall for 2 reasons:

1. They are interlocking panels so there is no chance of water intrusion BEHIND the seawall. 

2. The vinyl won’t crack or deteriorate over time the same way concrete does. In fact, the warranty on vinyl seawalls can be as much as 50 years! 

And of course… they look great.


Pinellas County Seawall on Canal

Imagine how those trees would be encroaching on the strip of backyard this propery had left. Over the years it would like disappear completely! 

And the concrete cap like the one you see here will help maintain the view and keep the yard from sliding away from the building.


In the end, this was a great investment for the property owners.

They maintain a useable “backyard”, prevent erosion and improved the look of the property.

If you’re a property owner or manager with a project in mind – just contact us here! 

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