Tampa Dock and Seawall

South Tampa New Build Dock Plus

Great Design – Great Dock Project in Tampa

New dock and boatlift in south tampa. Showing boat on the Tide Tamer 16K lift

South Tampa, FL is home to some of the best real estate in the Tampa Bay area – and it’s coastline is full of opportunities to get out onto the water. 

And maximizing that opportunity with a new dock, deck and seawall is what Tampa Dock does best!

While you don’t HAVE to get your dock and seawall built when you build your new home, it does streamline the construction process. And it makes moving in that more enjoyable.

Imagine picking up the keys to your new home in Tampa and your new BOAT at the same time.

Water view new home in south tampa - under construction
Tide Tamer Boat Lift

The least sexy part of any build like this is always the seawall. But it’s by far the most important investment being made here. 

That cement capped, vinyl seawall is protecting the property, property values AND the people inside. 


That is a Tide Tamer brand boat lift that’s rated for up to a 16,000 bound boat. 

It’s very important you get a boat lift not just for the size boat you have now, but consider what your next upgrade might look like as well. 

Upgrading a boatlift really isn’t an option – so if you get a bigger boat, the new vessel might not be your only major expense without planning. 


Seawall with riprap