Tampa Dock and Seawall

St. Pete Beach Custom Boatlift

St Pete Beach Boatlift

Super Custom Boatlift

You can see just from this picture how unique our installation was for this St. Pete Beach home.

We built a custom Hurricane Boatlift that was big enough for that boat AND had a platform lift for PWCs. 


It was a big seawall installation too, as you can see from the image on the right. 

A corner lot on the water requires some real planning to make the combination of seawall and custom dock come out looking like this! 

St. Pete Beach Residential Dock
echo piles

Those pilings you see with the white caps are EcoPiles.

Made here in Florida, EcoPiles are a composite material that will last much longer than wood piling – and are more environmentally friendly too.

The white caps you see help keep birds from finding a place to land.. and decorate the pilings.  


That’s not the only time we’ve used EcoPiles or Hurricane Boatlifts. Tampa Dock & Seawall pairs your job with the right components including Pilings, Deck materials and Lifts.