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Seawall Construction

Our seawalls stand the tests of time and the elements. Our dedication to building only the best seawalls is trusted by homeowners and driven to exceed industry standards.

Seawall Construction

Seawall construction is a very specific skillset. It involves design, engineering and experience to build one the right way.

And you should be VERY conscious of the fact that the quality of your sea wall construction is going to impact:

  • Your safety- because a failing seawall is a dangerous place for children AND adults to have access too.
  • Liability – does your seawall impact your neighbors property? Because when a seawall fails it often takes some of the adjacent properties into the water with it.
  • Home or Property Value – Inspectors know what to look for. And seeing a cracked seawall cap or small sink holes in the yard nearby can impact any real-estate transaction.

But the good news is that if have an existing seawall that you notice cracks in, or divits in the yard behind it, it may not be too late for it to be repaired.

And if you DO need it to be replaced the sea wall construction practices and new materials we use will ensure it lasts for a LONG time!




Seawall Construction Materials

The biggest advancement in the way we build seawalls are the interlocking vinyl panels that are now used for the wall itself.

Vinyl seawall panels are ideal for the Tampa, St. Peterburg and Bay Area Beaches because:

  • They do not crack over time – in fact, we’ve never had a case of a vinyl seawall panel cracking. 
  • No leaks – concrete seawall may develop cracks over time. It’s the nature of the material and the action of the waves and water pressure. Once it cracks, water erodes the wall from the inside. Not with vinyl!
  • Insect and Pest proof – Vinyl materials are impervious to pests.. like shipworms for example. If you have a wooden seawall in the Tampa Bay area you probably are already suffering damage. 
Tampa Dock and Seawall has been great to work with. I purchased a property with a very old dock and a failing sea wall, the goal was to get a strong sea wall and a nice dock that we could use for recreation as well as with a two boat lifts so we could enjoy our new (to us) waterfront. Tampa Dock and Seawall, helped us through the process including evaluation of the project, permitting, design, build and use of lifts etc. We actually were able to get away with just doing a new cap on our sea wall which saved us a little and were able to do a nicer dock with the savings. The whole process was great and exceeded our expectations, the only problems or delays were in the permitting (city) and some stormy weather. Love the dock and love the crew you guys have they are really customer service oriented.
Scott C

Seawall Design Process

Homeowners are looking for new ways to protect their land from being reclaimed by the water due to the frequency of storms and hurricanes. Our design process ensures that your land will be protected by an adequately sized barrier to prevent erosion for years to come.

While seawalls may not quite offer the wide array of customization options of one of our dock designs or deck designs, we focus on the statistics that matter. The ultimate stability of a seawall depends on factors like the wall height, sheet pile length, sheet pile strength, wale system, backfill, foundation soil, and the tide. We take each of these factors into consideration with every design and present an optimum plan that will prevent the water from washing away your property.

We can also adapt to the unique nature of your property, including geographic features, boat ramps and vegetation. All of our designs are calibrated to best respond to the elements that are directly affecting your waterfront.

Make good use of the factors that further set us apart from the other guys:

#1 Our seawall designs will prevent erosion and are as aesthetically pleasing as possible. We can match our designs with other design elements on your property to create a thoughtful, flowing configuration.

#2 Since we are local to Tampa, we know all of the rules and regulations. The Tampa, Clearwater and St. Petersburg and surrounding areas are all different. Cut valuable racetrack in your project by letting the pros deal with the permits and requirements, hassle-free.

So let Tampa Dock & Seawall design your next barrier.

 Residential Seawall Build

Needless to say, the actual build process for a seawall is just as critical as the planning phase. We use only top quality materials to build each of our seawalls. Combining this with our excellent design process yields a retaining wall built to the specifications that will keep your land safe.

We have the cranes, concrete and all necessary tools to do the job right.` We’re licensed and bonded, too, as both General Contractor and Marine Contractor.

As critical as a seawall is to your property, crucial time can be wasted when construction crews don’t show up as scheduled. There is nothing more frustrating than watching the water do a little more damage to your property as you wait for the help to show.

And even worse, unexpected cost overruns can contribute even more headaches.

Tampa Dock & Seawall works hard for you. We’re different from those other guys because we do the job right the first time. Our crews work diligently to construct your seawall in a timely manner, and even work to clean up the site after they’re done.


Imagine Your Seawall

Imagine sitting on your property, drink in hand, looking at the sunset. All the while, you actually can relax knowing that the water will not be claiming any of your precious soil.

Tampa Dock & Seawall does all of the hard work so that you can be free to do the relaxing. Let the local guys design and build a seawall the ensures your property remains your property and pairs well with other features like docks, decks, and pools.

We believe that there is no better company to make certain that your property is protected with a well-constructed, aesthetically pleasing seawall design.

We’re committed to building the right protection for your property, so get started today and put the worry behind you when it comes to erosion and your waterfront property.

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