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Seawall Repair Cost per Foot

How Much Does Seawall Repairs really Cost?

Cost per foot is a poor way to price out seawall repair. But it shows up in over-the-phone quotes to home owners all the time.

The reason that it’s such a popular method for estimating seawall repair cost is because it’s easy for the contractor to do and for the homeowner to understand.

And it’s particularly favored by handymen and self taught, licensed service providers because it’s fast. It’s easy to do – and you won’t see the consequences of a poor job until well after they’re gone.

Why is Seawall Repair “Cost per Foot” not Good for Consumers

Simple. It’s just too easy.

And it’s so easy because there’s no on-site inspection required! Which is also why it’s so dangerous for you and your property.

How could a licensed professional tell what shape your seawall is in over the phone?

Answer: They can’t

What they CAN do is get the measurement of your property line from Google Earth. Or the City or County records where you live and use a standard cost per foot to quote you repairs.

That’s bad for you for 2 reasons:

  1. You might just need surface cracks filled and sealed. A job you MAY be able to do yourself. So you’ll be spending WAY too much money.
  2. Worse – when the workers show up to do the repair they either ignore potentially catastrophic issues on purpose because they’ve already quoted the price. Or noone really qualified to judge the condition of your seawall never visits the property.

In the case of option 2, you’ll eventually have a safety hazard, liability issues and a drop in property value. You can prevent that with a quick look by someone who knows the difference. The difference between needing an easy repair and something more serious.

Factors in Seawall Repair Cost

There are only 2 things that have a serious impact on repair cost for seawall – especially here in the Tampa Bay area.

Marine Contractor Costs

It’s more expensive to have a professional evaluate and repair you seawall than a handyman or “that guy your neighbor used.”

A Marine Contractor is a professional that’s not only certified in several different ways, but is running a REAL business.

A real business with liability and workman’s comp insurance that’s there to protect you as much as it is them.

One that pulls permits for all their required activities, so your property values are protected as well.

And one that needs HAPPY CUSTOMERS to review and recommend them – so they’re motivated to do a great job.

You’ll pay more for that. But it’s worth it.

They Will do the Right Job

Let’s be honest. Unless you’re IN the marine construction business you may not be able to spot the signs of a more serious issue with your seawall.

For example: Those holes in your back yard near your seawall may not be snake holes, turtle holes or someplace the neighbors dog has gotten into.

They could be a sign that your property is eroding from underneath.

And that pool of water where your seawall and lawn meet could be an indicator that your seawall is starting to fail – falling outward into the water. That your anchors have corroded or failed.

About Seawalls and Seawall Repair

Keeping your seawall in good repair and getting a professional to help you recognize when it’s not is just as valuable as having insurance on your house or boat.

The house you live in would likely have been 10s if not hundreds of thousands of dollars cheaper just a few miles inland. And that seawall is key to you retaining both the use and the VALUE of that property.

Don’t skimp! Avoid getting “sea wall repair pricing by the foot.”

Learn more about seawall construction from Tampa Dock & Seawall here. Or just give us a call if you have a dock or a seawall in Pinellas County or Tampa.