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St. Petersburg Dock Builders

 St. Petersburg Dock building, just like so many other things, is all about location, location, location!

Because there can be some big differences between nearby communities in permitting and requirements for building anything. And since many aspects of building a new dock in Saint Petersburg impact the local environment – you need to make sure you’re dealing with a professional marine contractor.

WITH experience in being a St. Petersburg dock builder.

Residential Dock Design in St. Petersburg

There’s a lot that goes into taking the dream you have about how you spend your weekends and matching that to a custom Dock Design.

First, we’ve got to blend your wants and vision with your property and answer questions like:

How much space to we have to work with?

Because there are different regulations about how far off of your seawall, or into the waterway, you can build.

What type of boat do you have – and what will you have NEXT?

What Tampa Dock & Seawall has found over the past decade of being a St. Petersburg Dock Builder is that no one ever gets a SMALLER boat. They may add a smaller one, but not much downsizing of watercrafts takes place.

So we have to make sure that we’re keeping what you’ll be doing in the future in mind.

Also – what other watercraft do you have?

MOST of the docks we’re building in Tampa Bay these days have a separate spot specifically for paddle boards, Wave runners, canoes and other PWCs.

What shape is your seawall in?

There’s a reason we do both Docks and Seawalls. It does no good to build a brand new boat dock jutting out from a crumbling seawall!

New Dock Building Material Choices for St. Petersburg Residents

Simply put, the materials you choose impacts how long your dock will last. And how much you will be required to do to maintain it to keep in looking great over time.

Because of this, we are now almost always recommending the following 2 products:


EcoPiles and its sister products are areplacement for those pressure treated wood pilings.

Those wooden pilings deteriorate naturally over time and badly from shipworm here in St. Petersburg.

EcoPiles are manufactured of a vinyl and fiberglass composite that comes with a TWENTY-FIVE-year warranty. And will be completely free of shipworm, other pests and are not subject to rot.

They’ll also STAY beautiful and require zero maintenance!

Wear Deck

Wear Deck is a composite decking, a replacement for pressure treated wood decking. The pressure treated version IS much less expensive, but it has to be stained, sealed and maintained over the years.

Natural lumber is also never exactly the same!

If you’ve been on a dock or a deck made out of pressure treated lumber that’s more than a few years old you’ve seen the pealing, warping and how the surface seems to dry out over time.

 That will never happen with Wear Deck. Described as “reinforced polymeric lumber” they use High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE) with fiberglass to produce wood-look decking that will literally last a lifetime.

Check this article about today’s amazing dock building materials that save you time and money: https://tampadock.com/modern-dock-and-deck-materials-vinyl-fiberglass-and-plastic/

More than just Docks

Just in case you haven’t thought of what happens between your dock and the back door of your house, we need to spend some time on deck and walkway design too.

We’ve got a decade of experience in doing 2 things:

#1: Helping you realize your vision – because a Dock Design is a lifestyle design – and yours deserves to be different. 

#2: Navigating the rules – because we’re a licensed General Contractor and a Marine Contractor we know where to go and what we need to do as far as permits and permissions go.

Both of those add up to us being the fastest and best way for you to get your dock from inside your imagination to next to your boat.

The process of building a dock, deck or seawall in St. Petersburg is JUST as important as the design phase

You know what construction projects CAN be like.

Late getting started. Delays in between. Delays in building permitting. Unpredictable schedules… you never REALLY know what’s going on.

Tampa Dock does it a little differently. We’ve got a few advantages here over other companies.

First, we just added new equipment – including a barge for dock building.

Second, we just finished making SURE we have the best crews and the best construction management humanly possible.

Our promise is that we’ll be prompt, prepared, clean and make your dock design, purchase and construction what it should be – a pleasure!

Tampa DOCK and Seawall

There are examples of our work all through the photos page here and on Facebook if you’d care to look. For both commercial and residential projects.

But the best thing  you can do to get started on your replacement dock is getting started with us!

Just call or contact us here.