Tampa Dock and Seawall

St. Petersburg seawall contractors must know what they’re doing – because seawalls in the Tampa Bay area are vital for preserving property during storm season and beyond.

Tampa Dock & Seawall has been building and doing seawall repair in St. Petersburg for over a decade and we understand the following:

  • Your seawall impacts your property value – as we’ve seen our home investments rise of the years in the St. Petersburg coastal areas that preservation has become more and more important.
  • It’s not JUST the job the seawall is doing, protecting your property, but the way it looks as well that impacts property values
  • A seawall in St. Petersburg protects the ENTIRE property. Because erosion is a real concern and you can actually lose the use of parts of your own back yard if the seawall isn’t maintained or constructed properly.
  • Petersburg has its own set of permit requirements, rules and regulations that must be followed! Tampa Dock & Seawall knows how to navigate that.

Steps to Building a Seawall in St. Petersburg

Every seawall contractor doing business in St. Petersburg should be following the steps outlined below:

Step 1: Evaluation by a licensed St. Petersburg seawall contractor

The evaluation phase typically includes a site inspection by a member of our team.

If you have an existing seawall, we’ll consider whether or not it can be repaired or refurbished in some way. If no seawall contractor has ever built a seawall on the property this can be a more involved evaluation, but not so long as to slow down you project         

It’s important to find a LICENSED marine contractor for any seawall project, but building one from scratch it’s particularly vital. There’s a lot that goes on under the waterline AND up into your property, and a misstep by someone less than professional can cause serious damage. Of course, an issue caused by inexperience may not be visible, so take care when hiring!

Step 2: Seawall Design Phase

There are a few considerations to this part of the process including which materials will suit you and your property the best.

Wooden seawalls can be quite effective but are against regulations in many parts of Tampa Bay.

All concrete seawalls are the traditional route. And they’re still very attractive and last a long time.

But our favorite material combination is to do a vinyl seawall with a concrete cap. The interlocking, corrugated vinyl panels look terrific, are very long lasting and are not subject to cracking and seepage like the 100% cement products.

Step 3: Permitting through the City of St. Petersburg

After YOU have reviewed our design plans, they are submitted to the City of St. Petersburg for approval and permitting. Depending on how busy they are, it can take between 4 and 6 weeks to get our approvals. You can learn more about the City and permitting on their website here: http://www.stpete.org/construction_services_and_permitting/

In addition to the City, you may have further permissions to get before we start building your new seawall. HOAs frequently have their own requirements and recommendations. We will go through all that with you during this step.

Step 4: Scheduling the Job

As you saw from potential wait times for permitting, there can be a significant lag between finding a St. Petersburg seawall contractor and the completion of your new seawall.

We can try and anticipate when permitting will come through and tentatively schedule your project, but in many cases it can be an additional 2 or 3 weeks after permit approvals  before constructions starts.

We are always excited to complete a seawall build in St. Pete, so make sure you start the process as early as you can!

Step 5: Building the Seawall

Building a seawall is a messy job.

We’ll normally move a barge, or 2, into place behind your property before we start construction. We have to install tie backs up into your backyard, so that will be dug up for the duration of the build.

Having said that – Tampa Dock & Seawall is used to being fast and efficient, so we will minimize the disruption so you can get back to using your backyard!

Best Seawall Contractor

Choosing a contractor can be tough. Each of us has had less than great experiences with contractors in the past – project delays, sloppy workmanship, and more.

Once you talk to us, you’ll understand why we have a great reputation as a St. Petersburg, Clearwater, St. Pete Beach and Pinellas County seawall contractor.

But until you do, check out these popular review sites and what our customers rate us – including the Better Business Bureau!

More than just Seawalls

Tampa Dock & Seawall has a decade of experience in doing 2 things:

#1: Helping you realize your vision – because a new Seawall and a Dock Design is a lifestyle design – and yours deserves to be different. 

#2: Navigating the rules – because we’re a licensed General Contractor and a Marine Contractor we know where to go and what we need to do as far as permits and permissions go.

Both of those add up to us being the fastest and best way for you to your seawall project completed.

The process of building a dock, deck or seawall in St. Petersburg is JUST as important as the design phase


Tampa DOCK and Seawall

There are examples of our work all through the photos page here and on Facebook if you’d care to look. But the best thing  you can do to get started on your replacement dock is getting started with us!

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