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Attention Tampa and St Pete area Homeowners! Learn these signs your seawall is failing.


In areas like Tampa Bay, Clearwater, and St. Petersburg, it’s vital to build and maintain a durable and reliable seawall. As one of the most expensive aspects of your waterfront property, seawalls have to withstand the test of time and weather, along with the threat of cracks and crumbling. 

It’s important to be aware of early signs your seawall is failing. Cracking, bowing, and erosion of the ground close to your seawall can all be signs of failing. 

Keep reading to learn about the reasons your seawall may be failing and signs to watch for to protect your waterfront property and home.  

You CAN protect your property against erosion and damage. 

Reasons your seawall is failing

Although new building materials like vinyl can hold up well over time, older methods of seawall construction including wood and concrete are susceptible to erosion and ageing. 

Two major causes of failing seawalls are erosion and aging.

Erosion and cracking or crumbling can occur naturally due to heavy loads, high levels of groundwater, storms, and deterioration over time.

Particularly in Tampa Bay and other areas with waterfront properties, violent storms can put pressure on seawall structures and docks. Water pressure from waves during storms can greatly impact the base of your seawall, accelerating erosion.

And all this effects your seawall more as time goes by. 

Another major threat to your wooden seawall’s stability can be damage caused by marine borers. Wood-boring marine life can cause structural damage to your seawall!

Signs your seawall is failing


There are several signs you can look for if you are concerned that your seawall may be failing. To maintain the value of your property, be vigilant and watch for the following signs: 

  • Bowing and leaning – If you notice bowing in your seawall, or leaning towards the water, it could mean that your tie-backs have corroded or that your seawall has erosion underwater. 
  • Cracks – Since seawalls are built on the bed of a waterway, there is potential for shifting. Cracks in the cement of a seawall can become very serious with even a small amount of shifting. 
  • Sinkholes – Even small sinkholes in your lawn or property can be a sign of major structural damage to your seawall. You may notice holes or dips in your lawn near the seawall. This is an indicator of potential issues. 

If you notice any of these signs of a failing seawall, don’t wait – Call your local experts at Tampa Dock & Seawall for a fast and easy quote.

Wood Seawall Extreme Example

Dangers of a failed seawall

A failed seawall can be a catastrophic disaster to your home or property. Ignoring signs your seawall is failing can lead to damage to your dock and other structures that may end up costing you thousands of dollars in repairs. 

A failed or crumbling seawall can cause: 

  • Decreased Value – A failed seawall can reduce the value of your home or property. This can also make it more difficult to sell your property. 
  • Damage to Lawn – Failing seawalls can create sinkholes that can lead to damage to your lawn and property. Over time, you could lose several feet of your lawn to the water. 
  • Erosion – In the event of a natural disaster or big storm, when a well-constructed seawall is not present, soil erosion and waves can cause further damage to your property. 
  • Financial Impact – Aside from lowering the value of your home or property, a damaged and deteriorated seawall can cause a massive financial impact. Waiting too long to call seawall repair professionals can lead to increases in costs of up to thousands of dollars. 

You can avoid these costs with solid initial seawall construction, watching for signs of erosion, and calling our team at Tampa Dock & Seawall THE MOMENT you notice any signs your seawall is failing.

 Maintain the VALUE of your property through regular seawall and dock repairs and maintenance. 

Tips for waterfront seawall repairs in Tampa

Think of your seawall repairs as an investment in the protection and value of your home or property. 

Going DIY can be a dangerous choice. Seawall construction and reparation is a technical process that should be executed by a professional with the proper certifications, tools, and experience. Learn more about seawall construction HERE. 

At Tampa Dock & Seawall, our team of experts will let you feel secure in  your seawall maintenance. 

We offer consultation to fully understand your property’s needs, obtain all required permits and help you choose the right, high-quality materials. With Tampa Dock, expect excellent, knowledgeable, and friendly service. Being from the areas ourselves, we know all the rules and regulations required to deliver on our remarkable reputation. 

Work with Tampa dock and seawall professionals

Working with professionals for your seawall repairs will lead to more accurate construction and lower maintenance costs over time.

 Owning a waterfront home in Tampa Bay offers an incredible lifestyle. Don’t let it all slip away. A well-constructed and maintained seawall adds value and protects your property or investment. 

The moment you notice these signs of cracks, erosion, bowing, leaning, or sinkholes –

 Call or Email us Here at Tampa Bay & Seawall.

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