Tampa Dock and Seawall

I would like to express my thanks to you and your crew for multiple learning experiences that I have received since you have added poles to my slip, Shawn and his crew brought to my attention that my sheaves on the cradle for my lift were worn and probably needed attention, I took his advice and they were ready to fail. I also took the advice he gave me on wrapping poles and when the company came to wrap the pole you had installed I asked them to check the existing poles  and now I have hired them to wrap them also. I never over the last 18 months since I purchased the floating dock from a private party knew you needed a permit for that and I thank you for the info. I as a contractor in the Multiple States know the value in a great contracting firm and I feel you are one of the few that will go the extra mile to help your customers and I thank you. Please Thank Shawn and his crew. They are very professional and courteous which in today's market is very rare.

Thanks Again,

Chuck A.