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The short answer is: To save time and money on maintenance!

And the less of your valuable weekend free time you spend maintaining your boat, the more time you get to be out on the water enjoying it.


Hull Painting and Resale Value and How a Boatlift Helps

Built right into the long-term costs of boat owner ship is painting and re-painting the hull.

Painting doesn’t just make your boat look new again. It’s an important part of the health of your hull. Your hull is protected by a think anti-fouling paint on the bottom. That paint helps reduce the algae, barnacles and other nasties that work to damage the hull.

The more time your boat spends in the water – especially in the waters around your Tampa Bay waterfront home – the more issue you’ll have.

Those issues aren’t just in look – what’s clinging to your hull also produces significant drag on your boat’s performance.

You should use a boatlift because it reduces the opportunity for your hull to collect algae plus, and it will reduce the frequency of cleanings and repainting. Time and money!


Water Level Fluctuations – #Storms in the Tampa area

Welcome to Florida! Where you’ll have the most opportunities to spend time on the water… and storm season can take that all away in a moment.

But it’s not the storms themselves that cause much damage to your boat. It’s the fluctuating water levels that can be catastrophic.

One thing you’ll see in the aftermath of a storm is video and pictures of boats that end up on TOP of the dock. Or the seawall. Or just in the back yard of the homeowner.

That’s because leaving your boat in the water puts it at the mercy of the tides.

You should use a boatlift in Tampa Bay because it’s greatly reduces the impact of water levels on your boat. Reducing potential damage during even the toughest conditions.

We hired Tampa Dock & Seawall to overhaul our existing lift and to build and install a platform lift in our second boat slip. The team did a great job. They communicated well before, during, and after the job was finished to make sure that everything was working correctly and that we were satisfied with the work. We appreciate the attention to detail and professionalism.s.
Brian M.

South Tampa

Personal Safety and Ease of Use

Did you Retire to St. Pete Beach, Clearwater or Davis Island?

Or did you just finally buy the waterfront home of your dreams, and embrace that boating lifestyle, a little later in life?

Maybe you are still in family fun mode and take the kids out on the boat on the weekends?


The reason these questions are important is because of this next one:

How much do you enjoy that moment when you step from your dock onto your boat? How nervous are you when your kids, your neighbors or your spouse does the same?


One of the great things about using a boat lift is the security of that first step. You don’t have to time the wave action or worry about the boat drifting out an extra 12” during your step!

A boatlift will provide a safe, STABLE platform for you to step out onto your weekend activities on the water!

Boathouses – the Ideal Boatlift Option

A boatlift is normally a cradle that is suspended between 4 poles adjacent to your dock. You pilot your boat onto the cradle, hit the button and enjoy the ride up.

But in order to keep the INSIDE of your boat just as clean as the hull you will want to spend some extra time deploying that custom boat cover.

That boat cover will keep your seats and deck clean and help you keep all that expensive gear you’ve had installed dry and operational.

A boat house is a completely different level of protection – without the time it takes to mess with a boat cover.

Think of a boathouse as being the same as a car port or garage for your car. All the same reasons you do that is why you’ll want to consider a boathouse as well.

For more information on Davit’s, boat lifts and boat houses go here.

Or if you have questions about adding a boatlift to your dock or seawall project – chat or call Tampa Dock & Seawall now!  

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